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Julie Ann

Land: United States

Geboren: 1969-10-08

Oog: Blue

Haar: Brown

Hoogte: 163 cm

Gewicht: 46 kg

Borsten: Fake

Keer bekeken: 1.3K

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"I was in the crowd one day at a Hawaiian Tropic Contest and I told myself, "I could do that". Two weeks later, I won my qualifying round, but lost the finals. A year after that, I had gone on to win and, went to Hawaii. After the Hawaiian Tropic USA Finals in Hawaii I discovered the world of the Internet. The Contest and the Internet, in combination, opened up many doors of opportunity for me, which led me to "Muscle Mag" and Robert Kennedy. I had met Tracey Walker at GlamourCon and she helped me with getting set up on the Internet. Soon after that I had met Ed Konkle, an amazing photographer out of Indiana with whom I love to shoot with. I also had the pleasure of getting involved with Michael Pierce and the family of the "Extreme Bikini Team. I eventually had the opportunity to shoot with Andy Chabot from "Playboy", Michael Scott of "Fitness Centerfolds", and the fitness magazines such as "Muscle Mag". I have also had the pleasure of shooting with many other photographers such as Bob Weidemeyer, Timm Bundies, TM Photo and many others. I have been fortunate to work with a great deal of very talented individuals who make me look great in their images." Julie

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